It may be a total surprise to some Missouri residents to learn Missouri businesses are already participating in the new cannabis economy. Some directly, some in allied fields and others by sheer coincidence.

LED Grow lights
Energy-efficient lighting solutions
Company Name:
SuperBrightLEDs, Inc.
4400 Earth City Expressway,
St. Louis, Missouri 63045-1328

SuperBrightLEDs Grow Light Panel

A Missouri based online retailer selling LED solutions.

Producing healthy cannabis plants requires access to plenty of clean water, a nutrient rich growing medium and the most important resource of all, full spectrum light.

Sunlight is the most efficient energy source to fuel the photosynthesis engine in the plant.

But many cannabis-legal states dictate that plants must be grown out of public view in a protected and secure environment.

This requirement can vary by state, but the net effect is that medical growers often retreat to garages, interior rooms or attics where artificial light is substituted for sunlight. Traditional high energy light sources like High Pressure Sodium (HPS) light bulbs work well indoors for growing plants.

However, for legal cannabis growing facilities that operate indoors, electricity costs can have a major impact on profitability. HPS lights generate intensive heat requiring additional HVAC capacity for thermal control in the grow room. HPS lights will simply not last as long as the newer Light Emitting Diode light or LED.

On average an HPS grow light lasts for 10,000 hours, but that service life pales in comparison to an LED light. Each LED light lasts, on average, for 50,000 – 100,000 hours, enough for that 15-year long grow period you’ve been planning.

Our Show Me CannaBiz spotlight is on Missouri-based®. They are an online-only retailer specializing in LED technology for just about any consumer lighting application.

Cannabis legalization in Missouri probably won’t give them a big sales bump. Cannabis growers across the US are already sending dollars to Missouri to purchase SuperBrightLEDs’® sophisticated grow lights.

When a commercial cannabis growing operation fires up a bank of their full spectrum LED grow light panels, the red, blue, white, infrared and UV LEDs will create an eerie psychedelic black light effect turning the entire grow room ultraviolet.

You may have experienced a similar effect at your local head shop back in the late 60s while looking at black-light posters of Janis Joplin or Jimmy Hendrix.

We guess that most of the employees at SuperBrightLEDs® would only know about that experience by talking to their grandparents. After all, the company just started operations in 2002.

Future Missouri retail or medical cannabis dispensary owners planning their new operations could take advantage of SuperBrightLEDs® Commercial Account Team to plan their store’s lighting needs. SuperBrightLEDs® could be used in the grow room, display tables, counter shelves and ceiling. It’s never too early to start planning for the official opening day of retail cannabis sales in Missouri.