Everclear®, the Original Grain Alcohol

It may be a total surprise to some Missouri residents to learn Missouri businesses are already participating in the new cannabis economy. Some directly, some in allied fields and others by sheer coincidence.

St. Louis, MO based Luxco, Inc., a beverage alcohol supplier, fits the bill as an unintended participant in one tiny part of the new cannabis economy.

Everclear®, Grain Alcohol
100% neutral spirits distilled from grain
Luxco, Inc.
1000 Clark Ave., St. Louis, MO 63102 USA

Everclear® Grain Alchohol

Made in Missouri, Everclear® is a popular product used by cannabis enthusiasts.

Many cannabis aficionados are quite familiar with Everclear® grain alcohol. These enthusiasts use Everclear® as a popular solvent to extract phytocannabinoids (i.e. plant-based cannabinoids) from their home-grown cannabis plants. Once phytocannabinoids are successfully extracted as cannabis oil, the oil can then be included in foods, tinctures, non-edible lotions and salves.

Cannabinoids are hydrophobic so solvents must be used to extract THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) along with other phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

Many extraction methods use hydrocarbon based products including butane, propane, hexane and isopropyl alcohol. Hexanes and hydrocarbons are the same chemicals used in gasoline fuels and industrial glues. Most people would not consider those molecules safe for ingestion.

Everclear®, available as a 190 proof (95% alcohol by volume) grain-based alcohol product, is the perfect solvent because it’s safe for human consumption and easily obtainable by adults. Plus, it’s one of the best alcohol values on the market.

Alcohol based tinctures hold 66% more cannabis oil by volume than glycerin-based tinctures at saturation.

The executives at Luxco, Inc. did not envision Everclear® being used precisely the way cannabis enthusiasts have discovered.

However, Luxco’s website seems to have unwittingly targeted cannabis tincture chefs directly with a perfect marketing pitch. Everclear® has the “unique ability to extract even the subtlest of flavors. Its neutral flavor profile gives you a clean slate to infuse and transform however you’d like. Try anything. Try everything.”

Cannabis enthusiasts across the US are following Luxco’s advice to the letter. And they can use two, three, four or more 1.0 liter bottles during an extraction procedure. The cannabis market is second only to the fraternity market in quantity of Everclear® bottles purchased per individual sale. Now, that’s only our guess! We assume actual sales figures of this kind are kept under lock and key deep in the bowels of Luxco headquarters on Clark avenue.

Sales of Everclear® won’t experience an immediate bump upon cannabis legalization. But, when Missourians finally wake from their prohibitionist trance, the homeopathic cannabis oil could be a newbie cannabis consumer’s best alternative method of consumption. We predict it will be made with Everclear®!

Our hats are off to Luxco for working hard to serve their customers with a first-class product.