Missouri’s Underground Cannabis Economy

By: Cecil King | Soapbox     

Missouri’s Underground Cannabis Economy

How would you like to start a business with unlimited earnings potential? Do you strive in high stress, high reward situations? Do you want to start a business where your earnings are completely tax-free? Where you don’t need a business license? Where you pay no corporate taxes, no sales tax, no earnings tax, no federal or state income tax and no state franchise tax?

You won’t have to file a corporate registration report or worry about passing building inspections or paying any municipal fees. Forget about getting an occupancy permit or any other mandated permit filing. You won’t need them because you’re business isn’t regulated.

And don’t worry about product reliability or quality control. All consumer food and medicine products must pass stringent quality control tests to detect bacteria, mold or adulterants, but don’t concern yourself with these issues. No health inspector or laboratory will ever check your product or issue a recall.

Your new business is cash only and your customers will be loyal and repeat buyers. You’ll be able to sell your product to the widest age and gender demographics. Sales to minors is not a problem. Nobody expects you to check their IDs. Male or female, lower, middle or upper class, it doesn’t matter because your customers are everywhere.

What’s the product you ask? Cannabis. My friends, it’s cannabis spelled with a “C”, and that stands for commerce. “C” stands for cash, and lots of it. And, “C” stands for capital, as in financial capital, allowing you to create more and more wealth selling cannabis. And finally, “C” stands for customers, and you’ll have plenty of those because cannabis has been consumed for centuries and more new customers are ready to buy with each new generation.

How is this business possible you might ask? In a word, prohibition. Your Missouri state lawmakers don’t see the business value of cannabis. In essence, they don’t want your tax dollars. They don’t want a thriving legal cannabis business. They can’t stop cannabis sales to minors no matter how many laws they pass or people they arrest. And they could care less about cannabis quality control for the consumer.

Continued cannabis prohibition in Missouri is a green light to start, build or expand an underground, tax-free, highly profitable cannabis business with absolutely no regulation or oversight. Missouri has hung out the “open for business” sign to every drug cartel and smuggler to open shop in our state each day cannabis remains illegal and unregulated.

Whether Missouri ends cannabis prohibition or not, sales of cannabis and cannabis-related products will continue unabated. There is a thriving underground cannabis economy supported by an established network of legal retail outlets catering to the needs of the cannabis consumer.

While no cannabis plant or plant byproduct is legal in Missouri, there are literally thousands of cannabis-related products for sale in the state used in the underground economy. Anyone can buy these products legally.

Want to find out more? Go undercover and see for yourself. Take a trip to your local gardening supply store. See all those planter pots, fertilizer products, bags of potting soil and high-tech hydroponic equipment? Underground cannabis growers can use these items.

What about all those fancy LED and fluorescent grow lights in every big box home store? More items used to grow cannabis. In just about every gas station, smoke shop, liquor store and vape store across the state you’ll find legal smoking devices and accessories used to consume cannabis.

Legal products sold by legal retailers are keeping Missouri’s underground cannabis economy humming along. Missouri retailers are profiting from the sale of items used in the illegal cannabis market and may be completely unaware of their unintended usage. But, now you know.