Aha Moments for Illinois’ Medical Cannabis Program

Aldwin M. Anterola, Chief Scientific Officer of AHA cannabis testing lab spoke to a group of Missouri cannabist activists at the Greater St. Louis NORML. meeting.

Aldwin M. Anterola (R) Chief Scientific Officer of AHA is congratulated by Greater St. Louis NORML Board Member Blake Bell (L). By: Cecil King    Aha Moments for Illinois' Medical Cannabis Program    Missouri's next door state neighbor Illinois continues to fine tune its medical cannabis program while cannabis activists in

Cannabis Testing Labs: Missouri’s Achilles Heel Of Legalization

cannabis testing in Missouri

By: Cecil King      Cannabis Testing Labs: Missouri's Achilles Heel Of Legalization The day after Missouri citizens unlock the economic potential of legal marijuana with a successful victory vote, the hard work of implementing a brand-new cannabis law will begin. Alaskans have already “been there, done that.” Retail cannabis sales will start later

A New Class of Cannabis Worker

By: Cecil King         A New Class of Cannabis Worker Beginning July 1, 2016 the state of Washington will allow a new class of legislatively mandated cannabis worker to report to work, thanks to the 2015 Cannabis Patient Protection Act (CPPA). Newly certified Medical Marijuana Consultants can begin their duties advising registered medical

The Cannabis Industry is Hiring

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By: Cecil King    The Cannabis Industry is Hiring The market in the US for legal cannabis is growing exponentially. Sales grew in 2015 by 17% to $5.4 billion from an upwardly revised 2014 estimate of $4.7 billion according to industry watchers at The ArcView Group. The group recently published its fourth edition of

Can Missouri Cannabis Pass the Test?

By: Cecil King        Can Missouri Cannabis Pass the Test? In Missouri and other US states where cannabis prohibition laws still exist, vibrant illegal black markets proliferate allowing consumers to pay top prices for product that may have been grown under questionable quality standards. Cannabis growers in countries that target the U.S. with illegal