Gold In Missouri? Not A Chance!

Prohibition Gold LLC, Potshotz product.

Images: Prohibition Gold, LLC          By: Cecil King         

Gold In Missouri? Not A Chance!

Prohibition breeds innovation. And that’s the mindset behind the development of a new product announced by a Seattle-based company. Prohibition Gold, LLC, has developed a powdered form of cannabis that dissolves quickly and easily when added to any liquid beverage.

“This isn’t what comes to mind when you think about marijuana,” said Prohibition Gold’s co-founder Tom Williams. “It looks different and creates an entirely new product category for marijuana.”

Potshotz™ is now available in small packets containing a pre-measured 10 mg dose of THC. Ten milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a single dosage recommendation pioneered by Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division on February 1, 2015.

States implementing new recreational or medical programs are establishing more stringent rules for edible dosages. Oregon and Alaska specify 5 mg of THC per serving for their recreational systems as opposed to the 10 mg allowed in Colorado and Washington.

Each individual packet of Potshotz™ contains just a quarter teaspoon of white powder. Potshotz powdered cannbis packaging.It is neutral tasting and is designed to “self mix” with an effervescent action in liquids.

Compared to traditional infused beverages and edibles, which must be digested completely, this product will act faster because it is absorbed more readily in the mouth.

While the company markets the product to the recreational market, with modified packaging and graphics, this product would be welcomed by medical cannabis patients in states without public retail cannabis sales.

Foods and beverages infused with extracted cannabis oils are not the most pleasant tasting concoctions. Sweeteners and artificial flavorings are used to mask the “herby” taste. For cannabis patients with a compromised respiratory system or underage patients, ingesting cannabis is the only option. The Potshotz™ product would work well for cannabis patients.

The market for Potshotz™ couldn’t be better. In addition to the already legal cannabis states of Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, more states are expected to have legalization measures on the ballot in November. California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine would open up new markets for Prohibition Gold’s products upon legalization.

Unfortunately, Missourians are still locked out of the expanding cannabis industry because of prohibitionist policies.

Even with a large bio-science footprint in Missouri, and more than $222.8 million in venture capital funding spent on tech in the state in 2015, according to a report by Lead Bank and investment research firm CB Insights, no product innovation in the cannabis space can start here under present legislative roadblocks.

Later this year, Prohibition Gold’s next product, Topshotz™ will be released. This powdered product is designed as a “culinary marijuana mixer” for food.

The company is located just south of downtown Seattle in an industrial area with a strong prohibition history next to the Duwamish river. Washington’s alcohol bootleggers in the 1920s based their operations along the river and the Seattle tide flats. Company owners proclaim they are “proud to be the next generation in the neighborhood where bootlegging is a tradition.”

“The prohibition on marijuana is ending and we’re already a long way from yesterday’s pot brownies,” said Walters. “We can’t wait to see how consumers innovate with our products. The possibilities for what you can add THC to are endless.”