Get Certified for Cannabis

By: Cecil King     

Get Certified for Cannabis

Legendary Al Capone, the infamous rum-runner during the U.S. alcohol prohibition period of the 1920s and 1930s, probably wouldn’t have bothered to earn an Alcohol Business Certificate to run his bootlegging business, even if it existed.

That’s too bad, because he might have been more aware of violating the federal tax laws which eventually ensnared his recreational alcohol business and sent him to prison.

Today’s legal cannabis business entrepreneurs must operate under an equally onerous federal prohibition against cannabis. For anyone planning to join the growing cannabis industry, there is help.

Cannabis entrepreneurs can now learn how to run a legal cannabis business from a state-approved, regulated and licensed private occupational school.

The Cannabis Business Certificate is earned through an intensive educational program that teaches compliance guidelines, business start-up, operations and management procedures.

Missouri’s future medical cannabis dispensary owners, producers, growers and edibles manufacturers could learn all the tricks of the trade to develop their legal cannabis business, to make and carry out standard operating procedures, record keeping and product development.

Colorado-based Clover Leaf University is the only Department of Higher Education approved institution offering the Cannabis Business Certificate. Demand is so strong for this type of learning program it’s going on the road as a comprehensive hands-on seminar and workshop sponsored by the International Cannabis Association (ICB).

“With an industry still in its infancy, this workshop is the most thorough program being offered to educate anyone interested in entering the cannabis industry,” offers Dan Humiston, President of ICB, which sponsors the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo.

As more states say “yes” to ending cannabis prohibition and enacting pro business agendas, the feds continue to say “no” placing cannabis businesses in legal limbo.

It’s vitally important that cannabis entrepreneurs understand the regulatory constraints of operating a successful business.

“To have Clover Leaf offer the first higher education-endorsed certification program [in New York] and to have so many people looking to start their own business is not only exciting, but the right step toward fostering a responsible business environment,” says Chloe Villano, President & Founder of Clover Leaf University.

Earning the Cannabis Business Certificate would help you open and successfully operate a retail cannabis dispensary in downtown Springfield or Kansas City except for one business-killing problem. Missouri is still a prohibitionist state. That status will change when Missouri citizens demand to participate in the fastest growing new U.S. industry; legal cannabis.