Rick Steves Will Show ‘Em!

Rick Steves goes to Chicago

By: Barney the Intern

Rick Steves Will Show ‘Em!

While Missouri’s reefer-hating prohibitionists are contemplating their next fiendish tactic to arrest even more cannabis users in St. Louis and across Missouri, Illinois lawmakers will be listening to a hearing about how cannabis legalization for adults will grow Illinois’ economy this Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

Famed travel personality Rick Steves tops the list of experts scheduled to testify on behalf of the Coalition for a Safer Illinois. Steves comes from Washington, a state with a licensed cannabis market value worth more than $8 billion growing under the state’s estimated 10 million square-foot canopy.

That analysis was published by the University of Washington’s Cannabis Law and Policy Project. The state commissioned the comprehensive study to help merge the older, loosely regulated medical cannabis market into the new, more tightly regulated retail market approved by voters.

Retail cannabis shops in Washington had to add a medical certification license to their existing recreational license and hire state-certified Medical Marijuana Consultants as mandated staff personnel.

Illinois’ bureaucrats and lawmakers want to know the effect cannabis retail sales tax revenue can make on their state coffers. They picked the right state as an example too. Steves has seen how improved marijuana policies in his home state of Washington have transformed communities across the state.

If you want to watch another state zoom past Missouri with cannabis legalization, it will be streamed LIVE at 10:00 am Tuesday. Watch Rick Steves explain to Illinois’ legislators how to make money with cannabis, and as a bonus, he’ll explain how to pack your travel bag the most efficient way.

This is the third hearing on cannabis legalization this year. Missouri cannabis activists are watching in amazement as Illinois continues on a steady path to marijuana legalization. Read more about how much better Illinois is than Missouri at the Coalition for a Safer Illinois.