Aha Moments for Illinois’ Medical Cannabis Program

Aldwin M. Anterola, Chief Scientific Officer of AHA cannabis testing lab spoke to a group of Missouri cannabist activists at the Greater St. Louis NORML. meeting.

Aldwin M. Anterola (R) Chief Scientific Officer of AHA is congratulated by Greater St. Louis NORML Board Member Blake Bell (L). By: Cecil King    Aha Moments for Illinois' Medical Cannabis Program    Missouri's next door state neighbor Illinois continues to fine tune its medical cannabis program while cannabis activists in

Jamaican and Moroccan Fishermen Have Tips For Missouri Anglers

Night fishing Jamaicans have tips for Missouri Anglers

By: Cecil King Jamaican and Moroccan Fishermen Have Tips For Missouri Anglers Missouri anglers who like to fish at night could benefit from a few tips from Jamaican and Moroccan fishermen. It's been known for some time, documented by scientific reports, Jamaican fishermen have much improved night vision after ingestion of a

Canada Shows Missouri How To Be Smoke-Free And Thin

No public smoking for medical marijuana patients.

By: Cecil King Canada Shows Missouri How To Be Smoke-Free And Thin Scientific innovation continues to advance at breakneck speeds throughout the cannabis industry. While Missouri has not yet allowed its citizens to vote their preference for legal cannabis at the voting booth, other legal states are racing ahead developing state-of-the-art

Missouri’s Cannabis Science Connection

Missouri's Cannabis Science Connection

By: Cecil King Missouri's Cannabis Science Connection The Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) recent decision to take no action on rescheduling cannabis is considered a gross dereliction of duty by many cannabis activists in Missouri and across the U.S. Regardless of the DEA's stance that marijuana has no medical value, prohibition over the

Protecting Medical Marijuana Patient Information

Protecting medical cannabis patient information.

By: Cecil King Protecting Medical Marijuana Patient Information States that require medical cannabis patient registration and sales tracking to prevent diversion of product into the illegal market present many opportunities to compromise patients' privacy. Washington state's new Cannabis Patient Protection Act (SB 5052) protects medial cannabis patients' data with a Washington State

DEA Says No To Cannabis Rescheduling

DEA Says No to Rescheduling Marijuana

By: Cecil King DEA Says No To Cannabis Rescheduling Cannabis activists in Missouri expressed disappointment August 11, 2016 when the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) Acting Director, Chuck Rosenberg denied petitions to reschedule marijuana. Director Rosenberg cited the recommendations of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in his ruling. HHS has

Missouri Medical Marijuana Initiative Fails Certification

I signed the petition lapel labels.

By: Cecil King Missouri Medical Marijuana Initiative Fails Certification Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander announced August 9, 2016 the medical marijuana initiative failed to make the November 2016 ballot. The constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, version 6, 2016-135, failed to obtain enough valid signatures in one of six

Setting the Timer on Missouri Cannabis

Setting the timer on Missouri Cannabis

By: Cecil King Setting the Timer on Missouri Cannabis Missourians can all agree more economic activity in the Show-Me State is good for every citizen. Putting people to work in a brand-new, home-grown state-wide industry would be even better. This November 2016, millions of voters in multiple states will decide what kind

Turning Missouri Green

Turning Missouri green by changing prohibitionist attitudes.

By: Cecil King Turning Missouri Green Missouri cannabis activists and hopeful cannabis business entrepreneurs will win half the battle when legal cannabis becomes law. The remaining battle will not only involve working with Missouri lawmakers to fine tune and perfect the rules and regulations to allow the new industry to start, but

Cannabis Opportunities Attract Missourians

Missourians look to Washington state for cannabis opportunities.

By: Cecil King Cannabis Opportunities Attract Missourians Missouri's hopeful cannabis entrepreneurs tired of waiting for the repeal of the Show-Me state's business-blocking prohibition of cannabis should take a close look at the state of Washington to start their new cannabis businesses. Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB), the regulatory office in

Missouri’s Non-Compete Cannabis Laws

Patented cannabis seeds.

By: Cecil King          Missouri's Non-Compete Cannabis Laws Growing legal medical cannabis in Missouri may come with some additional licensing costs in the future, if a Canadian-based biosciences company is successful. Veritas Pharma, Inc., a cannabis biotech company headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., intends to develop unique cannabis cultivars, or plant

Missouri Cannabis Legalization Dead On Arrival?

Missouri cannabis businesses can thrive under rescheduling.

By: Cecil King         Missouri Cannabis Legalization Dead On Arrival? Any future legal cannabis sales in the state of Missouri, either medical or retail, would undoubtedly provide a tremendous economic stimulus as well as bring a technological and scientific renaissance of plant science research to the Show-Me State. Existing biotech and plant

Gold In Missouri? Not A Chance!

Prohibition Gold LLC, Potshotz product.

Images: Prohibition Gold, LLC          By: Cecil King          Gold In Missouri? Not A Chance! Prohibition breeds innovation. And that's the mindset behind the development of a new product announced by a Seattle-based company. Prohibition Gold, LLC, has developed a powdered form of cannabis that dissolves quickly and easily when added to

Legal Medical Cannabis States Forge Ahead of Missouri

Patients Lives Matter, legalize medical marijuana

By: Cecil King      Legal Medical Cannabis States Forge Ahead of Missouri At the beginning of July 2016, the status of growing medical marijuana in Missouri is still prohibited. Missourians remain blocked from using the cannabis plant's medicinal properties to fight cancer, glaucoma, chronic pain, epilepsy, and a host of other

Cannabis Testing Labs: Missouri’s Achilles Heel Of Legalization

cannabis testing in Missouri

By: Cecil King      Cannabis Testing Labs: Missouri's Achilles Heel Of Legalization The day after Missouri citizens unlock the economic potential of legal marijuana with a successful victory vote, the hard work of implementing a brand-new cannabis law will begin. Alaskans have already “been there, done that.” Retail cannabis sales will start later