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This web site is dedicated to educating Missouri citizens about the benefits of ending cannabis prohibition and establishing a legal, regulated cannabis market throughout the state.

What will legal cannabis look like in Missouri? A booming economy, new jobs, new businesses, increased technical and scientific research, an abundance of tax dollars, and increased tourism will all be a part of Missouri’s future.

Ending cannabis prohibition in Missouri and establishing a legal, regulated retail market will provide more employment and economic benefit across the state than any public works project, new sports stadium or business park development ever proposed.

It’s time to get excited about Missouri’s future. It’s time to get prepared for the unlimited opportunities that will be available to every adult Missouri citizen when cannabis legalization becomes law.

Your participation in a legal cannabis market in Missouri will not brand you with any of the antiquated stereotypes bestowed by the vacuous minds of ascetic prohibitionists. Many cannabis entrepreneurs have never used the plant and have no intentions to do so. They participate by leveraging their specific entrepreneurial skill sets to capitalize on a market that has never before existed.

For every person employed in a retail or medical dispensary, up to nine or more individuals fulfill jobs in ancillary industries. High paying, high-tech jobs will flourish in laboratory testing, computer systems, agronomy, botany, chemistry, security, green house planning & design, electrical and lighting, marketing, product package design and manufacturing, food science, HVAC and plumbing, tourism, Ag production, legal and accounting.

Missouri entrepreneurs will create new retail and ancillary businesses and they will staff them with highly paid Missouri workers. Existing businesses will acquire new customers catering to the needs of a brand-new, legal cannabis industry.

The citizens of Missouri are entitled to exercise their rights to participate in one of the fastest growing business segments in the U.S.; the legalization, regulation, and commercialization of cannabis and hemp products.